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6 Steps to Making Serious Money in the Fitness Industry!
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Do you love helping people change their lives? Are you working to grow a lasting and meaningful fitness business? Do you hate cheesy and sleazy sales? Are you tired of not making enough money doing what you love? I Hate Selling for the Fitness Professional is step by step approach to developing the perfect sales system, this is your key to confident and consistent sales! 
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"This is the one book I have all of my trainers read. Becoming more comfortable in selling the right way is a make or break in the fitness industry."

Niki Davis, Best Selling Author/Fitness Manager
"Ryan 'walks the walk and talks the talk.' I Hate Selling will lead you to greatness in sales and in life."

Karl Droppers, Club President
"Ryan gives practical advice and guidance for those that need to take their business to the next level."

Trevor Anderson, Club Owner/Under Armour Master Performance Specialist
Are you ready to turn your passion for helping others into serious money???
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Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Most fitness professionals LOVE helping people change their lives but struggle to build a profitable business. It is so easy to end up drained instead of energized, bogged down instead of freed up. This changes everything! 
  • A simple step-by-step approach to sales, specifically designed for the fitness industry!
  • How to take a "complainer" and turn them into a "committed action taker!"
  • Learn the 6 steps needs to be able to grow a successful 6 figure+ training business that lasts!
  • How to charge what you are worth and have your clients love you for it!
  • How to gain clarity, control and confidence in your fitness business! 
  • BONUS: Learn the top 12 "Rainmaker Tips"
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